Jason Randall

Jason Randall, President and Chief Executive Officer

Jason Randall is the President and Chief Executive Officer of AppFolio and serves on its board of directors. Jason is focused on building a long-term successful company, cultivating a thriving team and ensuring the company delivers solutions that provide great impact to its customers and their business ecosystems.

Jason has been a member of the AppFolio leadership team since 2009, serving in various executive-level product and strategy positions, including Senior Vice President of AppFolio Property Manager. Under Jason’s leadership, AppFolio has been listed as a Glassdoor Best Places to Work and as Fortune’s #1 Fastest Growing Company.

Jason has served in various leadership and product development capacities at other SaaS companies, including Citrix Online (merged with GoTo). He has been named to the Glassdoor Top CEOs list twice.

Jason received a B.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.